Semir’s 2021 Double 11 sales exceed US$358.2 million


This year marks Semir’s tenth year of participation in the Double 11 event. At the stroke of midnight on the 12th November, the group had recorded CNY 2.298 billion (US$358.2 million) of omnichannel sales, an outstanding 33.8 percent growth year on year.

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“Throughout the last ten years of Double 11, Semir has grown its performance by more than 45 times from CNY 50 million (US$7.82 million) in 2012 to today’s result,” said Zhang Hongliang, General Manager of Semir’s e-commerce.

“In addition to positive external factors, we are increasingly focused on impressing consumers through internal elements such as product quality and design, seamless operations and best in-market services. As we progress, our core skills are becoming more refined, particularly in terms of consumer insight, product planning, global operations and digitalisation. We always begin with our customers in mind, gaining invaluable insight into consumer demand, seizing industry opportunities and transforming traditional e-commerce into a fully customer-centric trading opportunity,” continued Zhang Hongliang.

Semir attributes this increase to the following factors.

Constant upgrade on brand offering

Semir recognises that the young generation has become a significant driving force in the consumer market, and has therefore started a ‘new dialogue’ with young people to better understand their needs. Balabala, targeting the 0-12 age group, has focused on building a product range spanning from popular classics to on-trend fashion, creating a combination of classic culture and modern lifestyle.

Source: Semir

Focus on consumer insights

Semir Group companies have engaged in significant customer research to develop its successful trading approach. This has taken place across various channels, analysing the purchasing habits of different customer segments to create product and engagement techniques to meet the diverse needs of its customer base.

Source: Semir

Automated support services

To support increasing demand, Semir upgraded its customer service capability with the use of cloud technology and artificial intelligence to provide customers with rapid quality service responses. This coupled with its logistic automation ensured that over 10 million shipments could be made in record time.

Source: Semir

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Live content

Over the past 2 years, Semir has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of live e-commerce. These were invaluable lessons used to drive the exceptional sales performance during the Double 11 event. 24-hour live broadcasts, coupled with short ‘rich content’ videos, further supported by KOL collaborations, provided customers with an informed, enjoyable shopping experience. The GMV of Semir and Balabala brands’ TikTok Live increased 10 times this year compared to last year.

Source: Semir