Our Value

The value of the Balabala is not only reflected in the design and quality of our products but also in the public welfare projects we have carried out for a long time.

In 2010, Balabala launched "Love in the Box" themed public welfare project. Since the start of the project, Balabala has taken on the responsibility of helping children and has held multiple forms of activities such as offline roadshows and charity runs, using the "box" as a medium to spread love to dozens of impoverished schools, children's intelligence training centers, and welfare institutions for children.

In total, Balabala has donated products and goods worth over one million RMB to thousands of children in need, spreading love to every child who needs help. Balabala always believes that public welfare can not only cultivate children's sense of social responsibility and love for others from a young age but also help children grow and learn to share and spread love through participation.

In the future, Balabala's "Love in the Box" public welfare project will continue to focus on children with special needs, weaving a path of growth for them with love and creating a better tomorrow for them. Balabala sincerely invites enthusiastic participation from all walks of life and calls for unity and continued attention to public welfare and children's growth.

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